Where there is smoke, there is fire - barbecue safety

Published: 26 Jul 2016

Summertime brings the warm weather, and with that comes an increase in taking the kitchen outdoors by way of barbecues. Although fun, and tasty, barbeques present a very real fire risk and caution should be taken both whilst cooking and during the disposal after the event.

Kent fire service has recently reported, an increase in the number of fires which have been started by the disposal of barbecue coals in bins.

To minimize exposure to fires, Kent Fire Sevice have advised of the following:

"Always make sure the barbecue is cool before trying to move it and never put ashes straight into a dustbin or wheelie bin. Empty the cooled, spent ashes on to bare garden soil, or if you are out and about dowse disposable barbecues with water to ensure they are fully extinguished and cooled.'