Tanning salon prosecuted for treating of a minor

Published: 8 May 2017

As Summer approaches, the quest for body beautiful and getting in shape becomes a priority for many of those planning beach holidays and breaks away during the hot months. It is therefore unsurprising that the use of sun beds and tanning salons increases at this time of year. The legislation regarding provision of tanning facilities is strict and those providing such a service must be aware of the age limits and restrictions.

With increasing rates of skin cancer being diagnosed, legislation restricting the age of sunbeds to 18 has been in place since 2011, however a large number of sunbed businesses are still not challenging young people about their age.

Earlier this year, Plymouth based sunbed salon, Wispy Styler salon,was issued a £3,450 by Plymouth magistrates after failing a test purchase by a sixteen year old for a second time in a year.

Gillian Rowe, the owner of the salon pleaded guilty to failing to check the age of the 16 year old volunteer as part of the test purchase which was conducted in August. In addition, Plymouth magistrates were also told that there was very little to confirm that staff at the salon had received the required training.

If you are offering sunbed facilities, it is important to ensure your business remains compliant. Ensuring that the following key requirements are put in place will help to protect your business:

  • A comprehensive health and safety policy and risk assessment pertaining to the use of tanning facilities needs to be in place.
  • Staff also need to be trained to the required level with focus to be placed of identification of minors and risks associated with the use of tanning facilities.

Anyone who looks under 25 years old must be asked for ID and businesses should only accept those with a PASS hologram e.g. driving licence, passport and citizen cards.

If you require any advise regarding this matter or any other leisure related activity, then please do not hesitate to contact CSC.