Stress in the Workplace

Published: 6 Jun 2017

Stress is a health condition that accounted for an estimated 11.7 million lost work days in 2015/2016, reports the Health & Safety Executive.

Work encroaches more than ever on home life, due in part to the impact of technology, and as a result employees are under increased levels of stress. The relationship between an employee and their manager is crucial to the health of an individual and the effectiveness of an organisation.

One way of managing employee stress is through employee engagement.  This is the key to managing stress as treating employees as individuals helps to coach and stretch them. Engaging managers are approachable and available when needed and put considerable effort into ensuring the success and achievements of individuals and teams are acknowledged fully. Improving engagement levels is likely to increase staff productivity too.

Giving a voice to employees helps create an environment in which people are involved, listened to, and invited to contribute their experience, expertise, and ideas. This will often result in increased job satisfaction for the employee and can contribute to improved innovation and productivity for businesses.