Look out, Rodents are about!

Published: 14 Jul 2016

Whilst it is true that you are never very far away from a rodent,  the implication of a rodent infestation in your premises could have catastrophe consequences for all concerned. Shaafiek Christian, from the CSC Helpdesk looks at two recent cases in further detail.

In the first case, The Good Fortune Restaurant in Portsmouth was fined £4K after mouse droppings were found on food containers in the food storage area during an inspection by a food inspector. Food inspectors also raised concerns about poor levels of hygiene and the risk of contamination of food. The owner of the restaurant pleaded guilty to all food safety charges.

In the second case, the kitchen to the prestigious Sanctum Soho hotel was shut when inspectors discovered mouse droppings – which the head chef confused with spices. The EHO also identified the smell of mouse urine with poor standards noted across the restaurant. Sentencing is due to take place in September 2016.

If both restaurants adopted a proactive managed approach towards pest control, the issues regarding rodent activity would have been greatly reduced.

Here are some pointers which can aid in keeping you premises pest free:

  1. Regular routine cleanliness checks can be streamlined with the aid of a torch to identify fresh sightings or pest entry points
  2. Floors and work surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of service. This will reduce pest attraction
  3. As part of training, all kitchen staff must be trained in what mouse droppings look like and what action needs to be taken when evidence of mice/pests are seen
  4. Lastly, if pest problems are identified in your premises, quickly contact an approved pest control contractor who will advise you accordingly

If your require any advice on how to implement a managed pest control system, please contact us