Raging fire at care home results in at least 2 fatalities

Published: 10 Apr 2017

A raging fire at the Newgrange Care Home, Cheshunt claimed the lives of two people with a further 33 having to be rescued from a collapsing building. Three more residents needed hospital treatment for minor burns and smoke inhalation, the fire service said.

It has been reported that the fire which broke out at approx. 6am at 8th April  had spread inside the roof all the way along the entire property with fire fighters facing a huge challenge during the rescue operation.

There is no doubt that the quick intervention of the fire services prevented further catastrophic loss of life. This case does put the safety of those in care homes under the spot light,  due to the additional difficulty faced during evacuation.

It has been reported that investigations are being led by the fire service at this stage, who will continue to provide assistance where necessary.

If you run a care home, CSC understand the unique challenges that you may face in ensuring that your residents are kept safe during such extreme circumstances as an outbreak of fire.

Here are some pointers, but please do get in touch with us if you need further help, advice or guidance:

  1. Ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is conducted by a competent person.
  2. The fire safety risks associated to your business must be identified and control measures put in place.
  3. An internal fire safety management system must be put in place and monitored to ensure that legal compliance is met.