Prosecution news: Safety breaches cause injury and death

Published: 10 May 2016

Since February 2016, the implementation of the Sentencing Guidelines has seen a marked increase in fines and prison terms with directors of companies facing significant penalties. 

In recent Health and Safety prosecution news, one man has been jailed for six years and another for eight months after two incidents on the same day left one man dead and another with life-changing injuries, after falls from a roof they were repairing.

Allan Thomson was jailed for six years and fined £400,000 after he and his company Building and Dismantling Contractors Ltd were found guilty of safety breaches. Michael Smith and his company C. Smith and Sons (Rochdale) Ltd, were also found guilty. Mr Smith was jailed for eight months and fined £90,000.

In another prosecution, Travis Perkins, a builders’ retailer, has been fined £2 million after the death of a customer in Milton Keynes. Mark John Pointer was crushed by a company vehicle at Travis Perkins Trading Company Limited in Old Wolverton in November 2012.

In both cases, the fatalities could have been prevented if a few simple steps were put in place. Are your health and safety policies up to date? Do you need help with your risk assessments to ensure you don't find yourself on the wrong side of a prosecution case? CSC can help you, contact us today.