Pizza shop owner pleads guilty to 20 food hygiene offences

Published: 11 Jul 2017

In recently reported food safety prosecution news, a Dover takeaway owner whose business was shut down after cockroaches were found in his dirty kitchen has been fined after he continued selling food to the public.

Poor food safety standards including expired food items, cockroach infestation and dirty equipment resulted in Murduck Mohebbi, who runs Papa Pizza, being ordered to pay a total of £7,754 for serious breaches of food safety legislation.

Dover District Council’s prosecution followed a series of inspections of the Dover High Street premises in 2016. Despite the premises being formally closed by environmental health officers in July 2016, it was uncovered that Mr Mohebbi continued to sell food to the public while formally closed.

Mr Mohebbi, 65, pleaded guilty to 20 food hygiene offences, including the offences of contravening a hygiene emergency prohibition notice and hygiene emergency prohibition order.

He was fined £400 for contravening orders by operating his food business while he was forbidden to do so under a formal closure, and fined £775 for hygiene offences, with a £117 victim surcharge and costs of £6,462.

The court also made a prohibition order, which bans Mr Mohebbi from managing a food business with immediate effect, which will remain in force until he successfully applies to court to lift the order.

Cases like this continue to occur at a time when it thought that awareness of good food hygiene levels and understanding is at its highest. To ensure that your organisation does not face prosecution, ensure that you maintain high standards and good levels of staff training. If you need advice, help, training or just clarification please feel free to contact us.

Here are some tips on how CSC can help protect you and your customers:

  • We develop comprehensive food safety management systems with our clients, ensuring that all legislative requirements are met.
  • Compiling company policies which covers personal hygiene, food handler’s declarations and return to work protocols following illness.
  • Our consultative approach enables effective ‘on the job’ training with members of the kitchen where ownership of internal due diligence systems is made a priority.
  • We pride ourselves on providing superior third party food hygiene audits and devising achievable action plans for our client base to ensure that legal compliance is met.
  • Bespoke support is also provided for alleged food poisoning investigations and improvements which need to be made following visits from local authority.
  • At CSC, our highly experienced food safety team carry out bespoke food safety training sessions with management and kitchen staff covering all legal requirements from HACCP to adopting a managed approach to pest control.
  • We provide Level 2, 3 and 4 food safety courses via a mixture of on and offline courses.