Monocular Vision: Fundamentals of carrying out a risk assessment

Published: 23 Jun 2016

The Action For Blind People Charity provides the following advise for producing a risk assessment for someone with monocular vision (sight in one eye).

For individuals suffering with monocular vision the key risk factors for the individual and others are:

  1. A loss in the field of vision to the side, for example people and objects outside the field of view.
  2. A difficulty with depth perception, for example judging the distance and width of objects.
  3. The visual acuity and health of the other eye must also be taken into account to determine other potential risks factors.

It is therefore advisable that any risk assessment is carried out with the individual concerned.

It must also be noted that disclosure of any disability or long-term health condition is under the discretion of the individual.

Key points to consider when carrying out the risk assessment:

  1. Risk assessments should address a task and everyone involved. Factors to consider include: slip, trip and fall hazards, lone working, lighting and the use of machinery.
  2. The individuals involved must be consulted.
  3. “Adjustments” must be considered as part of the process.
  4. It is important that you do not make assumptions about the level of someone’s functional vision.


If you require further clarity or information regarding risk assessments for monocular vision, please contact CS Compliance for help.


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