Life changing injury: inadequate staff training results in £1m fine for Aldi

Published: 26 Jul 2017

With the impact of the Sentencing Guidance being felt for health and safety related prosecutions, the need for adequate company policy, staff training regimes and suitable risk assessments has never been greater. A recent reported prosecution which resulted in Aldi Stores being fined £1m for a worker’s severe injuries demonstrates this point even further.
A delivery driver who had only worked for the firm for two weeks suffered severe injuries to his foot while operating an electric pallet truck at one of its stores.
In only his second week of a new job delivering goods to stores, the driver sustained severe foot injuries, while using a powered pallet truck.

Aldi relied on new drivers shadowing other drivers before they started working alone and did not have in place a standardised training programme to make sure drivers had the necessary skills to operate equipment.

The driver suffered fractures to all of his toes on his left foot, resulting in two of them having to be surgically amputated

This unfortunate accident could easily have been avoided if robust health and safety systems were put in place which included provision of adequate staff training and implementation of risk assessment.

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