Hero to Zero: The importance of managing documentation within a food business

Published: 13 Jan 2020

The Food Standards Agency has issued guidance for local authorities on the implementation and operation of issuing food hygiene ratings to food businesses in order to maintain consistency when assessing ratings.

There are six different food hygiene ratings (0-5) with zero being the lowest (Urgent improvement necessary) and 5 the highest (Very good).

Food hygiene rating are assessed on 3 main factors. Confidence in management, food hygiene practices and the structural condition of premise.

In recent events a popular food business received a follow up visit from their local authority after a re-launch back in September 2019. During the inspection it was established that there were issues relating to how documentation relating to the food business were being stored. The business owner had stored invoices relating to the business at their home rather than at the business where they would be easily accessible. As a result, for not being able to provide the requested documents on demand there was no choice but to issue the business with a reduced hygiene rating.

An important element of managing a food business is ensuring that food is easily traceable and on demand a food business must be able to provide adequate documentation to demonstrate that their food has come from a reliable and safe source.

A food business can go from a food hygiene rating of 5 to a 0 if documentation is not managed correctly.

For more advice on how to manage your food business visit https://www.food.gov.uk/business-guidance/managing-food-safety

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