Guidance around providing take-away and delivery food

Published: 30 Mar 2020

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues, we are seeing a number of hotels, restaurants and catering establishments offering a take away and delivery food service. With this change in operation we provide our guidance on how to ensure you can operate safely and legally. The guidance also provides some business risk assessments that can be utilised.
All of your normal good food safety practices and record keeping should continue as normal, within the guidance we will detail additional points to consider when it comes to food deliveries and also to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Points to implement

1. Orders should only be taken over the phone/ online.
2. Payment needs to be taken over the phone/ online. Cash is not recommended - remember strict hand hygiene rules.
3. If the customer is collecting, then a time to collect should be provided - customers are not to enter the building. Where possible take the customers details/ car registration and take the food to their vehicle.
4. Where delivery to a vehicle is not possible the customer should remain outside and a queuing area identified ensuring 2 meter distance is maintained by all.  Visible markers should be outlined to display the safe distance.
5. Staff to wash hands regularly and to be provided hand sanitiser and hot and cold running water. Once hands are washed alcohol gel is strongly recommended.
6. All hand contact points to be sanitised regularly. A key contact cleaning form is available here. Detail the cleaning surfaces on the form, these can include; door handles, hand rails, fridge handles, telephones, switches, equipment etc.
7. All staff require relevant food handling training.
8. All staff to be checked at start of shift for any symptoms of dry cough or a temperature. Anyone with symptoms must be sent home and are not to return for a minimum of 14 days.
9. Where possible, deliveries should be left at a customer’s door and customer called to advise on the delivery.
10. Ensure delivery staff have a means of communication e.g. mobile phones.
11. Any vehicles used for delivery must be taxed, MOT’d as required. Hi-vis clothing should be provided to delivery drivers, particularly if delivering at night.
12. Any food being delivered must be in a suitable food container / delivery bag, where necessary these should be insulated to maintain temperature.
13. Ensure allergen information is maintained appropriately and customers asked about any known allergens when orders are being placed.
14. Hand contact should be minimised as much as possible. Delivery persons should be provided sanitiser and wipes and sanitise touch points regularly, this should include any plastic delivery containers prior to delivery.

Click here for a risk assessment template for take-away food

Click here for a risk assessment template for food delivery

For further advice and guidance then please do contact CSC on 01761 235604 or email us