Fire safety news: Ivy Manchester reopens after fire

Published: 14 Jan 2019

As 2019 gets underway, fire safety hits the headlines again. As reported in the press recently, a fire broke out at the new  'The Ivy' restaurant in Manchester. The BBC website had indicated that it is thought the blaze at the city centre venue started in a patio heater on an outdoor terrace.

The extent of the damage caused by the fire was confined mainly to a section of the roof of the three-storey building.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries with everyone safety evacuated.  A spokesman for Ivy Collection said: "The fire at the Ivy Spinningfields was quickly and very efficiently contained by the excellent work of the fire services."

The necessary repair work began at the site soon after the blaze was extinguished with the premises reopening in less than 24 hours with only the terrace remaining closed for the time being.

The importance of having robust fire safety management systems in place including fire risk assessment and competent person is key in making sure that your business and guests are kept safe.

The responsible person must take such general fire safety precautions as reasonably practical to ensure the safety of his/her employees and other relevant people who are not employees. In doing so, ensuring that the premises are safe.

Key responsibilities include:

  • The responsible person must ensure that a fire risk assessment is conducted in line with the RRF0. The fire safety risks associated to your business must be identified and control measures put in place.
  • The fire risk assessment must be reviewed on an annual basis or when any changes occur in the premises which may affect safe exit out of the building.
  • Eliminate or reduce dangerous substances.
  • Premises must be equipped with appropriate fire fighting and fire detection equipment.
  • Must ensure that routes to fire exits and fire exits are kept clear at all times.
  • Must carry out fire evacuation drills and have appropriate procedures in place.
  • Appoint an adequate amount of competent persons to assist with managing of fire safety. This should be highlighted in the fire risk assessment.
  • Safety arrangements for the use and storage of dangerous substances must be in place and brought to the attention of relevant persons.
  • Maintain all fire systems. An internal fire safety management system must be put in place and monitored to ensure that legal compliance is met.
  • Important fire safety information must be communicated to all employees, i.e. fire safety policies, procedures and who the responsible/competent persons are.
  • Communication of important fire safety information applies to everyone who will be in the premises including employees, other workers and sub contractors.
  • The competent person must ensure that all employees receive the necessary training, i.e. induction, refresher training and when changes occur in fire safety arrangements/legislation.

At CSC, our team of experts are able to advise on all matters relating to fire safety legislation. We can help ensure that your business is kept safe.

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