Failure to follow risk assessments and implement safety standards results in major fines

Published: 8 Mar 2018

Far too often the failure to implement and follow basic health and safety requirements is resulting in catastrophic injuries and in some cases fatalities. With the impact of the Sentencing Guidance being felt across numerous sectors, massive fines are now becoming the norm.

We look at some recently reported prosecutions:

  • £1,4M fine: Tata Steel was fined after an electrician was trapped and crushed to death by a crane. It was found that the company failed to enforce safety procedures and has already had 2 previous convictions.
  • Slip, trips and fall - £502K fine for Swiss Port at Luton Airport following 2 separate incidents. In the first incident a worker fell from a flat bed lorry used for transporting luggage. The second incident involved a worker who slipped off a ladder whilst moving cargo.
  • Failure to follow risk assessments – Alandale Plant and scaffolding were fined £160K after a scaffolding clip positioned on a London street hit a member of the public. Multiple injuries were sustained, including a bruised skull and broken nose. The investigation found that the company failed to follow internal risk assessments.
  • Akari care fined after vulnerable patient dies after sustaining a fall – The care home was fined £120K after a patient was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Upon investigation it was discovered that the stairs were located directly behind a door that was not properly locked.
  • 90K fine after worker falls from racking (York House Meat Products ltd) – Failure to have a safe system and adequate risk assessments resulted in a meat production company being fined for safety breaches following an incident in which a worker was injured adjusting storage racking.

 Common failings noted from the majority of cases sentenced since February 2016 are all too familiar and reoccur time and time again. These unfortunate accidents could easily have been avoided if the fundamentals of health and safety were applied.

To ensure that your business meets legal compliance, contact CSC today and our team of experts will be happy to provide assistance. Remember that whilst actual harm may not occur, the offence lies in not managing the risk.