Eggs in the spotlight

Published: 14 Jun 2016

Recent news have put eggs in the spotlight with an update from the Government food safety advisors and a recent health and safety prosecution.

The Advisory Committee on Microbiological Safety have concluded in a report that British 'Lion marked' eggs can safely be eaten runny by vulnerable groups including pregnant women, elderly and babies. Lion Marked eggs have been treated against the threat of Salmonella.


In recent prosecution news an egg manufacturing company in Northern Ireland, Ready Egg Products Ltd has been prosecuted for health and safety failings. The company was fined £7500 after an employee lost all his fingers in an unguarded conveyor roller machine whilst conducting maintenance work.

The company failed to provide a protective guard to the machine in question and failed to identify the hazards and risk associated with not providing the appropriate safety guards.

This accident could easily have been avoided if a suitable risk assessment had been conducted where hazards and the need for a protective guard were identified. If you need advice on risk assessments and issues pertaining to egg safety, don’t hesitate to contact CSC today.