E.coli Outbreak: Scotland - Dunsyre Blue Cheese

Published: 4 Aug 2016

Health Protection Scotland have reported that Errington Cheese have issued a voluntary recall on certain batches of a blue cheese. Dunsyre Blue made with an unpasteurised milk may contain E.coli O157 (VTEC). To date 16 people have reported ill effects of E.coli with 2 patients treated in hospital.

Investigations are still currently underway with Food Standards Scotland working closely with South Lanarkshire Council and Errington Cheese to investigate this matter, and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to ensure unsafe food is not placed on the market.

Consumers are being advised to dispose of the following batches of product as a precautionary measure:

Product details:

Product: Dunsyre Blue Cheese

Brand Name: Dunsyre Blue Cheese

Pack size: All Sizes

Batch Numbers: C22 & D14

‘Best Before’ dates:

  • C22 – 18th May 2016 to 26th July 2016
  • D14 – 6th June 2016to 15th August 2016

Advice to consumers

  • Distribution of this product is mainly sold to hotels, restaurants and delicatessens, with no distribution to supermarkets. However, if you have purchased this product with the batch numbers above, do not eat it. Instead, return it to either Errington Cheese or the store from where it was purchased.

No other products manufactured by Errington Cheese are known to be affected.