Compulsory electrical safety checks in the pipeline for private landlords

Published: 26 Apr 2016

With recent statistics for accidents and fatalities due to faulty electrical arrangements on the increase, the Housing Bill has been amended which is currently in the House of Lords. If this bill becomes law (which is expected to be introduced by Summer) Landlords may have to get qualified electricians to carry out safety checks on electrics before letting properties. Landlords may also have to provide electrical safety certificates to prospective tenants.

It is reported that faulty electrical arrangements cause around half of all domestic fires in Great Britain with one person killed each week as a result.

For our clients in the Executive Serviced Apartment industry, the following measures should be followed to minimise risk of prosecution:

  1. Ensure that fixed electrical wiring inspections are conducted by a competent engineer/electrician.
  2. 100% of the fixed electrical wiring must be inspected within a 5 year period, with any defects to be made good by a competent engineer/electrician.
  3. Ensure that regular Portable Appliance Tests (PAT) are conducted on all portable electrical equipment.
  4. Any defective equipment must be discarded or made good by a competent engineer/electrician.
  5. Weekly fire alarm checks must be conducted to ensure that the fire detection system is in working order and that early signs of a fire can be detected allowing an early escape from the building.
  6. Ensure that routine health and safety/fire safety checks/audits are carried out and defects are identified and addressed in a timely manner by management.


For assistance with your on-going health and safety or fire safety checks contact us.

Further information on the proposed changes can be found at:,46EN2,LCSMM6,F75QG,1