The Interactive Compliance Centre

As a leading group of Environmental Health Practitioners, CSC have worked in partnership with clients and industry professionals to create a powerful compliance, auditing and accident management system.

complyforce’s innovative design and flexible platform allows it to be tailored to suit each user’s individual requirements. Whether you have the responsibility for 1 site or 10,000 sites complyforce™ can be implemented in any organisation.

The web-based system focuses on the key functions of accident and incident reporting, compliance management, and auditing. As a business you can choose to go for all three or select a combination of modules.

complyforce™ is fully supported by CSC’s qualified professionals and will:

  • Enhance corporate due diligence
  • Provide real-time management information
  • Reinforce your company’s safety culture
  • Assist in effective resource management and trend analysis
  • Enable 24/7 remote access to information using the secure user login facility
  • Strengthen environmental credentials through improved efficiency savings
complyforce website

complyforce™ has a comprehensive range of modules, including:

Compliance Manager

The complete safety compliance management system incorporates an interactive compliance check diary with automated e-mail alerts, company arrangements and management form.

Accident Reporting

Record manage and investigate all your incidents.  This module is supported by CSC’s consultants who ensure an appropriate conclusion to every case.


Cloud based audits enable both CSC and users to track audit action plans and continually monitor audit progress.

Management Reporting

Real-time data relevant to you via your personalised dashboard.  Allows managers to track and monitor performance of multiple sites 24/7 from a remote location.

To arrange a demonstration or to discuss how complyforce™ can support your business then please contact CSC.