Investigation into Chicken Scandal

Published: 5 Oct 2017

There have been widespread reports in the media recently of an undercover sting operation at a major supermarket chicken supplier in West Bromich.  Food safety breaches were uncovered as well as a myriad of poor standards.

It has been claimed an undercover reporter witnessed workers changing the "kill dates" on chickens to extend shelf life. They also allegedly saw meat of different ages being mixed together and codes on crates of meat altered. Following these allegations, the Chicken supplier, 2 Sisters has suspended operations to focus on retraining of its staff before it starts resupplying customers.

Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Lidl and The Co-op have stopped taking chickens from the site while investigations take place.

The Food Standards Agency website has indicated following their inspections of the premises that to date, no food safety breaches have been uncovered at the chicken supplier and they will continue to work very closely with 2 Sisters. Furthermore the FSA states they will continue to review the evidence and if any incidences of non-compliance are found they will take prompt and proportionate action with the business concerned, working closely with the local authority.

 We will continue to monitor the situation at 2 Sisters and will provide any further updates from the FSA as they become available.