Care home fine following smoking death

Published: 7 Sep 2017

66 year old Gordon Boxall, suffered with parkinsons disease and in 2015 was residing in a care home run by Anchor Trust. Mr Boxall lost his life when his pyjamas caught fire when he was left unattended smoking a cigarette. His pyjamas easily ignited due to the paraffin-based creams that were applied to him to treat a dry-skin condition. He suffered 80% burns as a result of the incident.
The care home was ordered to pay £210,000 in fines and costs 

Anchor Trust, pleaded guilty to three breaches of fire safety regulations in a prosecution brought by Surrey County Council.

The court was told that Mr Boxall was left alone to smoke a cigarette outside the building even though it was known that he had a tendency to drop things because of his medical condition.

This incident could have been avoided if better supervision was in place or if fireproof smoking aprons were used by residents.

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