Supplier Accreditation Audits

We offer third party caterers a 1 year accreditation which will allow them to cater for events in some of the UK’s most popular hotels.*

The accreditation comprises of an on-site audit by one of our environmental health professionals, the audit will take 3 – 4 hours and will be followed up with a written report detailing the auditors findings.

Whilst visiting your outlet our auditor will look at multiple aspects of your business including recent paperwork from similar events, training records, cleaning practices, food transportation practices, pest control, food storage and temperature controls etc. For a full list of what you can expect the auditor to be looking at please download our audit guidelines here.

What happens if I PASS the audit

For establishments obtaining a PASS we will send you a certificate valid for 1 year from the date of audit, we will also add your company name to our internal list of approved caterers that we share with some of our hotel clients when they are looking for a specialist caterer.

What happens if I FAIL the audit?

If unfortunately your standards do not meet the requirements needed, we will provide you with a detailed report so that you can work on weaker aspects. Once you feel you have made the required improvements you can book a new audit (the full audit fee will be required).

How do I book?

Should you wish to book a contract caterer accreditation audit with us, you will first need to complete the booking form which can be downloaded here and email it to

Once we receive your booking form your job will go into our system and you will receive an invoice from us.

The invoice can be settled via bank transfer.

Following settlement of the invoice, our logistics team will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time for our auditor to visit.

For more information on our supplier accreditation audit contact us or call the office team on 01761 235604


*Please note that not all hotels may accept our accreditation and you should first check with the venue before booking an audit with us