COVID-19 Accreditation

CSC COVID-19 Accreditation

As businesses continue to navigate their way through COVID-19, cleanliness and safety will be top of everyone’s agenda. Whether it be hotel stays, eating out, shopping or going to work, both consumers and employees will want reassurances that venues are a safe place to work and visit.

To help businesses open and operate safely our team of Environmental Health Professionals have developed the COVID-19 ‘safe place to work and visit’ initiative.

The key objectives of the scheme are;

  • To provide a safe working environment, thereby protecting the health and wellbeing of your staff and visitors.
  • To provide a cost-effective solution and support businesses with navigating their way through the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting tough economic times.
  • To be able to communicate and provide reassurance to staff and visitors alike that your sites are a safe place to work and visit.
Who can we help and how?

CSC can support any business that is reopening or has already opened and had to adapt to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

CSC recognise that every businesses requirements will vary, and that there is no one-size fits all solution to managing COVID-19. We can offer a range of COVID-19 services tailored to suit your needs, including; policy provision and toolkit or validation of your current documentation, training and accreditation assessments.



1.COVID-19 Policy Provision or Review

Our team have developed industry specific policies and toolkits that will provide all of the procedures, checklists and posters that your business will require.  Documentation will be company branded for you.

If you have already developed and started implementing your COVID-19 policy then CSC can review and verify as Environmental Health Professionals.


2.Training Solutions

Once your policy is ready to go we can provide a staff COVID-19 training program to suit your needs. Training will be in line with your company policy and ensure staff can confidentially return to work and be able to implement the company procedures.

COVID-19 awareness courses will be certified and to support social distancing and operational needs, will be delivered via web based video training.



3. Site Assessment & Accreditation

To achieve accreditation an assessment will be required by one of our Environmental Health Professionals.  The assessment will review the premises adherence to government requirements and company policy.

All assessments will be completed on our cloud based portal Complyforce. This provides each site with a live action plan to work towards.  For multi-site businesses group management can continually track results and progress across the business.


If you would like to find out how we can support your business then please do get in touch.