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Aide Memoire – Updated 17 September 2020

Cases of COVID-19 are definitely on the rise again. The Government has started to implement measures to try to control the steep increase, with the biggest change being the introduction of ‘Rule of Six’ this week. Our Aide Memoire has now been updated to consolidate all the recent changes and help you to understand what …


Aide Memoire – 25th August 2020

A few further changes to restrictions this week, mainly effecting Scotland and Wales. Please find the latest version of our Aide Memoire by clicking here      


CSC Coronavirus Briefing – August 2020

Read our August briefing note which includes the latest guidance updates around Coronavirus. Click here


Coronavirus – Latest Advice and Guidance

As the Coronavirus situation continues to escalate, it is now becoming more and more likely that this has the potential to have a significant commercial impact on many businesses. With ongoing updates from Public Health England (PHE) and with more areas becoming affected, we have now updated our guidance. The below guidance should be reviewed …


The importance of cleaning in your food establishment

In the age of social media and public awareness of food hygiene ratings, the importance of cleaning procedures has never been more important. Consumers expect and rightfully deserve wholesome foods prepared in a clean environment. As a significant part of the assessment criteria for FHR is dedicated to the levels of cleaning and cleaning procedures, …


Rodent prosecution: Take away in Reading prosecuted for rodent infestation

The cost of a pest infestation can prove to be costly and can do huge damage to the reputation of a food establishment. Not to mention the impact that it can have on the health of its customers. Pest control related offences in recent times have resulted in record fines being issued with irreparable damage to …


Gas safety prosecution at caravan site

Gas safety prosecutions have made the headlines in recent times. The importance of having competent gas safety engineers carry out safe gas works cannot be understated. The law is clear that all gas work must be done by registered ‘Gas Safe’ engineers to ensure the highest standards are met to prevent injury and loss of …


Allergen News: Birmingham restaurant ordered to stop serving guests with allergies

Following the news that Natasha’s Law will be introduced  in 2021, allergens is making the headlines again! (Under “Natasha’s law”, food businesses will have to include full ingredients labelling on pre-packaged food) It has been reported that the African Village Restaurant in Birmingham has been banned from serving any foods to people who state they have …


CSC News – July

Read our July news round up now: Click Here


Hot weather conditions – Keeping safe as the temperature rises

Although many of us will see it as a very welcome change, when the sun finally appears for summer it is important to ensure that everyone stays safe and well as the temperature rises. Many of our clients are hospitality and leisure driven, so we look at how this may impact the working environment and …

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