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COVID-19 Aide Memoire V12 (20/10/20)

Following the announcement that Wales will go into a ‘fire-break’ lockdown, our COVID-19 Aide Memoire has been updated to include this information. Please click here to download V12    


COVID-19 Aide Memoire V11 (13/10/20)

The latest version of our COVID-19 summary of restrictions has been updated to include the recently announced ‘three COVID tier alert’ levels. Click here to download


Aide Memoire – Updated 9 October 2020

Download Aide Memoire V10 here   With the ever increasing COVID-19 case numbers, comes the inevitable changes and increase in restrictions. Scotland have this week announced serious changes to the operation of hospitality outlets, these changes are summarised in V10 of our COVID-19 Aide Memoire. Click here to download. Changes to  restrictions across England are …


Aide memoire – Updated 5 October

Click here to view version 9.1 of our COVID-19 summary of restrictions. This interim update includes an amendment to the use of Saunas and steam rooms in England.    


Aide memoire – Updated 29 September

After a steady increase in positive COVID-19 case numbers the Government have made some significant announcements  reecnetly which will likely effect many of us in one way or another. 10pm curfews across pubs and restaurants, increased rules around face coverings, a reduction in the number of guests who can attend Weddings. We have updated our …


Aide Memoire – Updated 17 September 2020

Cases of COVID-19 are definitely on the rise again. The Government has started to implement measures to try to control the steep increase, with the biggest change being the introduction of ‘Rule of Six’ this week. Our Aide Memoire has now been updated to consolidate all the recent changes and help you to understand what …


Aide Memoire – 18 August 2020

Following further easing of restrictions announced by the government over the weekend, our summary of services has been updated an is available by clicking here.        


Aide Memoire – 12 August Update

Our Covid-19 Aide Memoire document provides an overview of the different activities allowed to function by date and country (with UK). This document will be updated on a regular basis and can be downloaded by clicking here          


COVID-19 Aide Memoire

With changes to government guidance continuing to change across the UK, CSC have summarised current control measures in a simple and easy to use guide. The guidance outlines the current rules and regulations for England, Scotland and Wales. Currently the guide includes national guidance, note that some localised regions have enhanced/ varied restrictions which will need …


Risk Assessments and their Importance

It is important to ensure that risk assessments are completed to cover all potential hazards on site, this must be documented if you have five or more employees.  As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees, and others, from harm.  Do not just rely on the policy generic assessments; these need to …

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