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Importance of Legionella Checks

Following the easing of COVID 19 lockdown restrictions businesses will need to prepare to ensure that returning guests are not exposed to risks from unmanaged water systems. During the lockdown period numerous office spaces, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation venues have been closed to the public, meaning that there has been a significant …


Legionnaires outbreak results in death

A guest in her 60’s who was staying at The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, Shropshire has died after contracting Legionnaires disease. The hotel has now voluntarily closed. In April, another guest also fell ill and tests show links between legionella bacteria found in water samples from the hotel and the two guests, Public Health England said. …


The year of the Sentencing Guidance – Era of the million pound fine

2016 will be known as the year that has dramatically shaken up enforcement history in the UK. Since the inception of the Sentencing Guidelines in February, record fines have been issued with prison sentences for individuals also on the increase. Brexit has seen some organisations looking for ways to cut costs, we look to see if …