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HSE undertaking ‘COVID Secure’ spot-checks

Over recent months, the HSE have increased the number of random COVID spot checks they are undertaking at all types of businesses, to assess if they are operating in line with government COVID guidelines. Ensuring your business is COVID compliant and a safe place for your staff and customers can require more than just providing …


Cameron House, Fatal fire could have been avoided

A hotel fire that claimed the lives of two men could have been avoided.  Following investigations it has been established that the fire started after a night porter put a bag of ash and embers into a cupboard which contained combustible materials. The fire started after the night porter cleared ash and embers from a …


Working from Home – Guidance

For some of us, working from home is not unusual. However, due to recent events (COVID-19) this has led to an increase in people working from home. Whether working from home is a temporary measure or long term adjustment, it is important that your workstation and working environment is one which is good and safe …


COVID-19 Aide Memoire

With changes to government guidance continuing to change across the UK, CSC have summarised current control measures in a simple and easy to use guide. The guidance outlines the current rules and regulations for England, Scotland and Wales. Currently the guide includes national guidance, note that some localised regions have enhanced/ varied restrictions which will need …


Risk Assessments and their Importance

It is important to ensure that risk assessments are completed to cover all potential hazards on site, this must be documented if you have five or more employees.  As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees, and others, from harm.  Do not just rely on the policy generic assessments; these need to …


Building Closure Checklist

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues many businesses are temporarily closing their premises for a period of time.  Closing a premises is not something many of you will have planned for and during this process there will be a number of things to consider. These checklists have been prepared to support your business with managing your …


Guidance around providing take-away and delivery food

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues, we are seeing a number of hotels, restaurants and catering establishments offering a take away and delivery food service. With this change in operation we provide our guidance on how to ensure you can operate safely and legally. The guidance also provides some business risk assessments that can be utilised. …


Working from Home

Coronavirus has affected everyone’s lives throughout the UK (and the world), some people more than others. One of the recent main points raised by Boris Johnson was that when you can, you should work from home. Following this guidance there has been a huge surge in people working from home. Some people are used to …


Swimming Pool Safety

A leisure group is facing prosecution after a three-year-old boy drowned in one of its swimming pools. The tragic death of three year old Rocco Wright occurred in April of 2018 Rocco was due to have a swimming lesson along with his father and sister which had been cancelled. During the short time spent at …


Importance of Window Restrictors

In the UK between 2018/2019 it was reported that 147 people were killed as a result of an accident at work, 40 of these were due to a fall. Within the food and beverage industry each year 20% of fatal injuries and around 80 major injuries resulting in either broken bones, fractures or loss of …

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