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Are your Allergen Procedures up to Scratch?

With allergen incidents continually on the rise and serious incidents making the headlines we have recently developed a new auditing service for our clients. The CSC allergen audit is a desktop audit of a site(s) allergen procedures, documentation and training.  Alongside a review of paperwork the desktop audit will also include a telephone interview with …


The importance of cleaning in your food establishment

In the age of social media and public awareness of food hygiene ratings, the importance of cleaning procedures has never been more important. Consumers expect and rightfully deserve wholesome foods prepared in a clean environment. As a significant part of the assessment criteria for FHR is dedicated to the levels of cleaning and cleaning procedures, …


Chicken burger fatality: family wants changes to the allergen laws

News of incidents and deaths involving allergens are becoming far too common place. Following on from the much publicised case involving Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, we learn of the tragic passing of Owen Carey. Owen celebrated his 18th birthday by ordering a chicken burger at a well known burger outlet at the 02 in London on 22 …


Rodent prosecution: Take away in Reading prosecuted for rodent infestation

The cost of a pest infestation can prove to be costly and can do huge damage to the reputation of a food establishment. Not to mention the impact that it can have on the health of its customers. Pest control related offences in recent times have resulted in record fines being issued with irreparable damage to …


Allergen News: Birmingham restaurant ordered to stop serving guests with allergies

Following the news that Natasha’s Law will be introduced  in 2021, allergens is making the headlines again! (Under “Natasha’s law”, food businesses will have to include full ingredients labelling on pre-packaged food) It has been reported that the African Village Restaurant in Birmingham has been banned from serving any foods to people who state they have …


Allergen Update: Natasha’s Law to be introduced in 2021

The untimely passing of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in 2016 has been heavily covered in the press with management of allergens being placed at the forefront of food safety within the food and hospitality sector. Nastaha (15) died after eating a baguette purchased from a coffee outlet which caused her to suffer anaphylaxis in 2016. The inquest …


Listeriosis outbreak linked to sandwiches kills 5 hospital patients

It has recently been widely reported that the Listeriosis outbreak linked to hospital sandwiches has claimed five lives. The outbreak is linked to The Good Food Chain salads and pre-packed sandwiches. The number of deaths related to pre-packed sandwiches and salads at hospitals had risen from three to five, Public Health England said on Friday. It …


Food safety convictions on the increase!

In recent times fatalities relating to allergens, implementation of food hygiene ratings and food safety prosecutions have made headlines. The implications of not meeting legal compliance can result in significant financial penalties for business’s and individuals being issued prison sentences. Since the inception of the Sentencing Guidance in 2016, fines issued for food safety offences …


Allergen news: Hotel fined after guests suffers anaphylactic shock

Food allergens have been associated with a large range of products, and it has for some time now been a legal requirement to provide customers with reliable allergen information. Allergen related incidents have recently made the front pages and there have now been a number of deaths due to poor allergen information being made available …


Health and Safety at Easter

Easter is not far away and everyone is looking forward to a long weekend, full of chocolate and family festivities. As a business it can be a very busy weekend so it is important to ensure that your company/site is fully prepared to ensure everyone is safe at any special Easter activities. A number of …

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