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Using Third Party Event Caterers

In 2019 a specialist wedding event caterer was fined more than £250,000 after a bride, groom and more than 50 of their guests became ill with food poisoning after their wedding. The event held in Staffordshire resulted in 58 people suffering from food poisoning after eating food that was served at their wedding reception by …


Guidance around providing take-away and delivery food

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues, we are seeing a number of hotels, restaurants and catering establishments offering a take away and delivery food service. With this change in operation we provide our guidance on how to ensure you can operate safely and legally. The guidance also provides some business risk assessments that can be utilised. …


Hero to Zero: The importance of managing documentation within a food business

The Food Standards Agency has issued guidance for local authorities on the implementation and operation of issuing food hygiene ratings to food businesses in order to maintain consistency when assessing ratings. There are six different food hygiene ratings (0-5) with zero being the lowest (Urgent improvement necessary) and 5 the highest (Very good). Food hygiene …


Safety first over the Christmas period

Each year Christmas preparations and celebrations seem to start earlier and earlier. Christmas music is being played, shops are stocked with Christmas goodies and decorations, and of course you will be starting to think about decorating your venue, booking party nights, Christmas meals etc.  It is time therefore for a reminder on how to ensure …


Caterers fined for Salmonella Hog Roast

A hog roast caterer has recently been ordered to pay £250,000 following a wedding event they catered for at a hotel venue. 58 guests became ill and 3 hospitalised after tucking into the hog roast and the newlyweds also had to cancel their dream honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. Following an investigation by Lichfield District …


Are your Allergen Procedures up to Scratch?

With allergen incidents continually on the rise and serious incidents making the headlines we have recently developed a new auditing service for our clients. The CSC allergen audit is a desktop audit of a site(s) allergen procedures, documentation and training.  Alongside a review of paperwork the desktop audit will also include a telephone interview with …


The importance of cleaning in your food establishment

In the age of social media and public awareness of food hygiene ratings, the importance of cleaning procedures has never been more important. Consumers expect and rightfully deserve wholesome foods prepared in a clean environment. As a significant part of the assessment criteria for FHR is dedicated to the levels of cleaning and cleaning procedures, …


Chicken burger fatality: family wants changes to the allergen laws

News of incidents and deaths involving allergens are becoming far too common place. Following on from the much publicised case involving Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, we learn of the tragic passing of Owen Carey. Owen celebrated his 18th birthday by ordering a chicken burger at a well known burger outlet at the 02 in London on 22 …


Rodent prosecution: Take away in Reading prosecuted for rodent infestation

The cost of a pest infestation can prove to be costly and can do huge damage to the reputation of a food establishment. Not to mention the impact that it can have on the health of its customers. Pest control related offences in recent times have resulted in record fines being issued with irreparable damage to …


Allergen News: Birmingham restaurant ordered to stop serving guests with allergies

Following the news that Natasha’s Law will be introduced  in 2021, allergens is making the headlines again! (Under “Natasha’s law”, food businesses will have to include full ingredients labelling on pre-packaged food) It has been reported that the African Village Restaurant in Birmingham has been banned from serving any foods to people who state they have …

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