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COVID19 Aide Memoire V22

Please click here to download the latest version of the COVID19 Aide Memoire.    


Re-Opening Checklist – Free download

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, many venues are eagerly preparing to re-open after an extended period of closure. Download our ‘re-opening checklist’ to ensure you have everything covered to re-open safely. Click here to download.


Risk from Falls

Falls from height are the third highest cause of fatal injuries in the food and drink industry, which makes up around 20 % of fatal accidents.  Statistics reveal that within the industry around 80 major injuries are sustained due to falls from height, injuries ranging from broken bones and fractured skulls. Serious injuries a can …


Importance of Legionella Checks

Following the easing of COVID 19 lockdown restrictions businesses will need to prepare to ensure that returning guests are not exposed to risks from unmanaged water systems. During the lockdown period numerous office spaces, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation venues have been closed to the public, meaning that there has been a significant …


COVID19 – Aide memoire V21.1 (13 April 21)

Following the easing of restrictions across England this week and announcements of Wales’ plans to exit lockdown and fast-track some easing measures, please download V21.1 of our COVID19 Aide Memoire with a full summary of current restrictions in place. Download here    


COVID19 Aide Memoire V20

Following some further updates to un-locking plans, (mainly across Scotland), please view our latest version of our Aide Memoire. Click Here      


COVID19 Aide Memoire – V19 – Unlocking

The Government has recently revealed their plan for the gradual ‘unlocking’ of the country. Easing of restrictions will be undertaken at a slow steady pace to ensure that case numbers do not get out of control. The easing will commence with the re-opening of schools. We have updated the COVID19 Aide Memoire to reflect the …


HSE undertaking ‘COVID Secure’ spot-checks

Over recent months, the HSE have increased the number of random COVID spot checks they are undertaking at all types of businesses, to assess if they are operating in line with government COVID guidelines. Ensuring your business is COVID compliant and a safe place for your staff and customers can require more than just providing …


Cameron House, Fatal fire could have been avoided

A hotel fire that claimed the lives of two men could have been avoided.  Following investigations it has been established that the fire started after a night porter put a bag of ash and embers into a cupboard which contained combustible materials. The fire started after the night porter cleared ash and embers from a …


  Happy New Year! Unfortunately the start of 2021 sees us all under increased restrictions with the start of a new lock down. To keep you informed we have updated our COVID19 Aide Memoire summarising the latest restrictions in place. Download CSC COVID 19 Aide Memoire V18 here    

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