How Many First Aiders?

The CSC Helpline recieve numerous calls a month from clients asking how many first aiders their establishment requires onsite.

To calculate the level of first aid cover you require a risk assessment needs to be completed, this should include and consider: -

  • The number of persons employed
  • The nature of the business including its' risks
  • The proximity of the business to medical facilities
  • Any shift systems worked

Note: There is no legal requirement to provide first aid for members of the public but many employers do include them in their risk assessment of their needs.  Imagine the consequences of a guest suffering a cardiac arrest and no member of staff able to assist.


Medium risk establishment

Number of employees

Suggested number of first aiders

Hotel,   Restaurant, Golf Course, Retail

Fewer   than 20

At   least 1 appointed person at all times


At   least 1 first aider for every 50 employed

More   than 100

1   additional first aider for every 100 employed

This is a guide only and adjustments made based around your risk assessment.

By leematthews in Newsletters