First FHRS Mandatory scheme in the UK to operate in Wales

New proposals requiring food businesses such as restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets in Wales to display food hygiene ratings at their premises, were outlined this week by the Welsh Government as it introduces its Food Hygiene Rating (Wales) Bill. It is designed to provide consumers with better access to information about where they eat or buy food and raise food hygiene practices among businesses.

If the Bill becomes law, it is expected that the earliest a mandatory scheme will come into operation will be late in 2013. A lead-in time will allow businesses to prepare properly for the scheme.

We feel there is certainly a good chance that the rest of the UK will follow suit so now would be a good time to review your policies and procedures.

Richard Ryder one of our Senior Consultants commented on the new directive “I think that it an excellent idea as at present the scheme is voluntary. Score ratings are displayed on public registers such as on the food standards agency website and local authority websites, but not everyone is aware of this. If establishments have to display them, it is my opinion that standards will be raised further as businesses would want to portray High standards to encourage new customers and retain existing ones.”

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