Archives - May 2019


Prison sentence for Director after employee is killed using dangerous machinery

In recent prosecution news, it has been reported that the director of a Skip Hire company in Norfolk has been jailed for one year, following the death of an employee. This case highlights how a cost cutting exercise resulted in the unnecessary loss of life which could have easily been avoided. Robert Baldwin is to …


Food safety convictions on the increase!

In recent times fatalities relating to allergens, implementation of food hygiene ratings and food safety prosecutions have made headlines. The implications of not meeting legal compliance can result in significant financial penalties for business’s and individuals being issued prison sentences. Since the inception of the Sentencing Guidance in 2016, fines issued for food safety offences …


Allergen news: Hotel fined after guests suffers anaphylactic shock

Food allergens have been associated with a large range of products, and it has for some time now been a legal requirement to provide customers with reliable allergen information. Allergen related incidents have recently made the front pages and there have now been a number of deaths due to poor allergen information being made available …